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You have the power to master Excel

Are you looking for the best Excel Tutorial around? One that doesn't involve attending classes or seminars? One that doesn't end in poring over voluminous books? And one that doesn't translate into shelling out hundreds of dollars? Wait a second, you say, MS Excel training like this doesn't exist! Well, Excel Everest is proud to bring you exactly that.

Whether you are looking to gain expertise with Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007 or even 2003, we offer specific training programs for you. And if you are a Mac user with Excel 2011, we have a program for you too.

We are sure you will become proficient at Excel, and will love the journey as well. If you don't like it, we offer a FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So go ahead, take the Excel Everest tutorial for a spin.


Excel Everest Benefits

Excel Based

Entire Microsoft Excel training takes place inside a spreadsheet.


Excel tutorial walks you through the course step-by-step.


Engages user to think and complete tasks on the spot.


Hands-on approach allows skills to be acquired 2-3 times faster.


Well below the price point of instructors or other Excel trainings.


Covers over 40 key Excel topics and provides over 150 interactive exercises.


Automatic grading allows you to see what you got right, and know what you got wrong.


Our Microsoft Excel training offers a ton of entertaining exercises and humor.


We've designed Excel Everest with your career in mind.



Description of the Training Program

41 Topics

Excel Everest covers 41 topics ranging from the difference between absolute and relative references to how to make a beautiful chart. These topics were carefully selected to give you a comprehensive base that will help you tackle nearly every Excel problem you'll run into in the corporate setting. For a full list of the topics in our Excel training, go to the FAQs. Also, before you start each topic, Excel Everest explains why it is important, helping you keep the big picture in view.

Embedded Videos

If you get confused on any specific topic in Excel Everest, you'll find embedded YouTube videos carefully selected from the huge repository of publicly available, free instructional content. You can play these videos within Excel Everest - you don't even need to open up a browser!


Since all 155 problems in our Microsoft Excel tutorial are graded, Excel Everest can track your progress accurately. The progress report consists of a highly detailed chart showing which problems you've completed correctly, and a bar graph mapping your progress as you rise to 100%. You'll get badges at certain milestones and a grand prize badge if you get far enough.

Select Clients

We help leading organizations teach their employees Excel. Learn more about Corporate Training.




“We found that participants in Excel Everest who have barely touched Excel in their life became more comfortable using the tool, leading to increased productivity day jobs. Here at Google, data is often the first information asked for when making big decisions. Excel Everest has helped many of our professionals become more analytical and ready to tackle tough questions from their clients!”

- Google HR Administrator

“We trained our employees on Microsoft Excel using Excel Everest, and since that time the staff's ability to manipulate, present and input data has shown steady improvement."

- Marshall Islands Epidemiology and Prevention(MIEPI)

“Exceptional resource, simply exceptional. It's rare to see a great concept like this executed so well.”

- Hedge Fund Analyst

“If you're an IT trainer, get this and sit back while it does the job for you.”

- Clive Shepherd, Learning Tools Consultant

"Excel Everest is a fantastic way to learn Excel if you're starting out. It is beautifully designed."

- Chandoo, Microsoft Excel MVP





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